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Home Loan Against Property Eligibility

Loans are the first way givers for any type of investment. They are presented in different packages and with countless options. However, if a person wants to seek a loan, there are few conditions and procedures which should be followed by him. Most of us are unaware about the important reasons where a bank rejects a loan. With the purpose of avoid such situation, one has to follow the eligibility criteria of loan.

Eligibility Criteria applied for home loans in India is as follows:

Age: The minimum age requirement to opt for a home loan from a recognized bank in India is 21 yrs, whereas the maximum age may vary from 58 to 65 years depending upon the source of income of the client.

Qualification: The minimum qualification required to opt for the Eligibility Criteria for home loan is graduation along with a stable source of income.

Loan amount Eligibility: The amount of home loan determined by the banks in India totally depends on the annual income of the applicant considering his possibilities of refunding the loan amount in the nearer future.

Loan against property: The loan against property provides you with an option to mortgage your assets increasing your reliability of refunding the loan in time.



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